2015 SIHH Geneva Novelties-Cartier Ronde Louis

Born in Swiss, Ronde Louis Cartier redisplay its processing techniques in purl. Just like the golden balls in 2013, this great invention witnesses Cartier’s resolve in picking up the antic tradition and techniques. The old purl techniques started in the ancient Egypt and then gradually become mature and well-developed in India, ancient China, Greece and Iran, and finally reached its peak in Portugal. The purl techniques is one of the various golden techniques, which build skeleton grid pattern by twisting the golden wire and silver wire. It is crystal like lace. To Cartier, the challenge comes from the application of this old skill to a tiny space like watch, and elevate it into a higher status with other precious materials like gold, platinum, gemstones and silver.

When masters from Cartier are working on gold or platinum wire, they need special tools. The wire is twisted, pressed, twined and cut into a small ring, and then build a special pattern with purl skill. All the rings are fixed at the side instead of button. There is a pair of cheetahs in the dial whose furs is dotted with gemstones, gold and platinum. To create such a watch, it needs whole month to achieve that. They looks quite beautiful, particularly the eyes made from pearl. From gem-setting to the purl skill, to jewelry, to gem-cut, this piece art of work is the fruit of various skills, and all those process serves for this pair of Cartier precious cheetahs. Cartier Ronde Louis 430MC has an automatic winding movement, and only a limited number of it is available.

Cartier Ronde Louis 430MC measures 8mm and is waterproof to about 30 meters. In order to better match its case, it has a blue belt that is made of alligator skin, which speaks for its class.

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