Entry-level Watches of Three Luxurious Brands

When choosing a watch, we will first categorize the watch, and then sort them out according to other standards. Today, we bring three famous brands-TAG Heuer, Tudor, and Roda. Although watches from these three watches do not have self-made movement and complication, with the strong foundation of watch making skills, and fair price, it quickly become sold out.

TAG Heuer Calibre 6 Automatic 39mm WAS2111.FC6293
Although America general election is over, but the famous Tag Heuer is become more and more hot. This TAG Heuer Calibre 6 automatic could speak for Heuer’s precision. The 39mm stainless steel case is fitted with the alligator skin belt, and its design makes it suitable for various occasions. Although the movement is made of ETA movement, but the reasonable, or low, price is luring.

Tudor Glamour 72033-62453 10di watches
For Tudor, many people may think that it has too many Rolex’s features. From the perspective of a golden watch, it is really worthy. From the hardware, or date display, it has the same bubble reading as Rolex d has. Although it is simple, but it is attractive in price, and that’s easy to understand why it is so hot.

Rado Integral 580.0692.3.072
Rado chooses the most frequent ceramic as the material. The rectangular dial is full of business sense. At 6 o’clock, there is a date aperture, and four diamonds that dot the dial. Under the black dial, it is extraordinary shining.

The above watches are recommended. They movement are ETA movement, even though the configuration is not so low. Practical purpose and the fair price make them perfect entry-level watches. And if you do not have any interest in any of them, the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera may be optional for you, for its unique sport design and its passion on the car racing, and it will be suitable for the casual occasions.

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