Panerai Florence boutiques reopened

Florence is the land of the founding of Panerai brand, and Panerai does not forget its origin, appointed the architect Patricia Urquiola to redesign its boutiques in this city. Recently, after the renovation and expansion of careful, this boutiques which is of great significance in the history of brand finally reopened.

The branded-new boutique is located in downtown Piazza San Giovanni, and it is faced with the famous cathedral. After the expansion, the boutique floor space expanded from 58 square meters to 285 square meters, the exhibition column windows also increased from 1 to 4. Who responsible for boutique renovation expansion project is Patricia Urquiola, the famous Spanish architect. She gave the branded-new aesthetic and processing interpretation for the boutique on the basis of respecting the brand identity and workshop. Florence boutique on the design concept keeps the same with the Panerai stores in Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Miami, but compared to the design of the past of the Patricia Urquiola, the boutique in this city is so unique.

From the 1930 s to 1950 s, Panerai once supplied precise instrument and equipment for the Italian navy diving forces and the spirit and concept of the brand are maintained. In the design of this boutique, Patricia Urquiola ingeniously found the past and future, perfect integration of professional technology and innovative design; on the basis of respecting the traditional concept, and also make this boutique show the modern style of following the trend.

There stands a huge publicity board at the central of the first floor, writing “Bottega d’arte e archivio storico”, and the boutique will regularly display collections in the museum of history to tell the story of the Panerai brand. On the second floor, there are the special sales of products, at the same time also show the brand history exhibits here – two clocks.

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