Swiss Watch – Patek Phillipe 5940 golden watch

1970th and 1980th witnessed the darkest time in the watch industry when people preferred cheap quartz movement than traditional watches. indeed, quartz finds great values in watches but with the development of technology in the watch industry, traditional mechanical clocks had gained popularity again, so thinner movement with more functions are rolled out.

From the big clock, pocket watch to watch, the decrease in volume marked the advancement we have made in technology. But time changes, and now those light and thinner watches has more popularity among people. In this post, we correlate to thin issues, tourbillon and other complex functions. Now let’s have a look at some types.

Patek Phillipe 5940 golden watch
Patek Phillip has rich culture in the watch-making, elegant appearance and good quality. It seems to be supreme, even every fan longs for a Patek Phillipe 5940 golden watch is applied to its case which has a length of 44.6 mm and width of 37 mm. Judging from a practical viewpoint, It is the most practical and useful on in series, like Tourbillon, Minute repeater and other super-complex chronograph, and it changes according to month, so time is always display rightly. A comprehensive set of functions are available through that little dial: on its 3 o’clock displays month and leap year; month and date are displayed on 6 o’clock and what are displayed on 9 o’clock are week and 24-hour dial. Every small dial is set off to it best utilization. The Clibre 240 Q movement is invented by Patek Phillipe itself and consists of 275 independent movements but is thin as 3.88mm.

Although pretty a lot of people fond of heavy watches, still many appreciates and admire light and thin watches. To those who know little about watch, the super-thin watches just thinner than others; but to engineers, designers and fans, that means continuing efforts have been put into this.

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