Ultimate Speed and Passion-Breitling V8 Crhonograph

Most people who learn something about watches would not be unfamiliar with it when speaking of Breitling Bentley which was made by two famous brands in the watch industry. the cooperation between two brands not only brought good story, but also came with a good watch. In 2012, Bentley GT V8 sport car was released and Breitling also launched its Bentley V8 Chronograph, paying tribute to the luxury sport car. Now let’s feel about how Breitling expresses passion and speed through Breitling.

The Breitling Time Chronogrpah V8 is a man watch whose case is made of steel and it reaches 49 mm in terms of diameter, a big size. Many triangular patterns can be seen outside the bezel, which gives us a vivid visual impact, just like Continental GT V8.

The Breitling Time Chronograph V8 not only fully expresses the meaning of what it represents through its outstanding design and appearance, it also has functions. Seeing from its name we could learn that it has chronograph and world time zone. in order to make this plane watch more practical and useful in our daily life, designers from breitling enable it to display date and reaches 100 meters’ depth under water, a perfect combination.

Now let’s talk about its chronograph. Unlike the traditional chronograph, the V8 has final 30 seconds final countdown which was firstly developed by Breitling in 196. It uses hand that can rotate around a 30-seconds dial and thus achieving the precision of 1/8 second. However, the world time has 24 time indexes in the bezel which correspond to 24 cities in the word. Second time zone display can adjust through the left button on the bezel and date can be displayed through the aperture at 6 o’clock. Furthermore, this watch also gets certificate from C.O.S.C. which offer the best performance.