Review On Ballon Bleu de Cartier Floating Tourbillon Enamel

Ballon Bleu de Cartier has astounding deep blue enamel dial, and inherits the traditional enamel tradition from 20th century. This skills first needs to engrave the radiation pattern on the dial, and then covered it with half-crystal enamel.

Enamel was powder at the first, but after carefully chosen on its quality, color and other criterion, the most satisfying powerful will be there. When burning it, the proper control on temperature could influence the whole process. As we could see the big moving tourbillon, on it, this process comes more complicate and delicate, making the dial and material complex. After cooling down, crystal enamel layer, twisted patterns, and blue enamels perfectly match in the dial. Ballon Bleu de Cartier 39 mm Floating Tourbillon won the Poincon de Geneva. It is fitted with a 9452 MC movement and is assembled in the Geneva, which could meet the most severe criterion. Ballon de Cartier 39mm, is particularly made for those who could appreciate it, and its unique style explain Cartier’s explanation on the current trend of fashion.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Floating Tourbillon Enamel is definitely a deluxe watch in the world. It is made of white gold in its case, and has protruding sapphire mirror case back. The bezel is made of white gold and so does the crown. What’s more, the crown is inserted with a big protruding crown. As this is mechanical watch, it might appears to be thicker, so it reaches 11.4mm. Belt made of alligator skin belt makes it look more luxurious. The buckle is made of white gold too. This is folding buckle and it can effectively prevent your watch from falling off your wrist. As with enamel, Ballon Bleu de Cartier Floating Tourbillon Enamel is surely shining among other watches. By the way, the movement works at a frequency of 21600 times per hour and can work for about 50 hours.

TAG Heuer Novelty–Mikropendulum Tourbillon

In the high-end watch circle, there are several brands that cannot be ignored: One is Rolex, one is Breitling, one is Panerai, and last one is TAG Heuer. Of course, there are other great brands making great achievements, but what we mentioned about is pretty typical and representative. Chronograph watches develops along with other race events, such as car racing, sailing boats, aviation, etc. Rolex Daytona derives from the Daytona Beach, and TAG Heuer Monaco come from Monaco, the city of car racing. Chronograph history of TAG Heuer has gone through a century, particularly after, in 1916, TAG Heuer released its Mikrogaph which gained the great popularity with is 1/100 second of accuracy and became the most famous pocket watch. in 1963, the born of Carrera offered a new platform for TAG Heuer’s chronograph watches.

This year, TAG Heuer makes new innovations and released a more valuable Mikropendulum Tourbillon. Comparing with the old Mikropendulum, it is the first time that TAG Heuer places tourbillon and magnetic balance wheel together. Traditional hairspring is not immune from magnetism, so the close distance contact with magnetism will cause great impact on hairspring, so the anti-magnetic materials must be applied here. So far, no much information is released about such new material, but the biggest possibility is the silicon-made hairspring.

Actually, the high-frequency is a severe test to the movement, because, under the high speed of gears, the abrasion of gears is unavoidable, so TAG Heuer’s high-end watch is just an ideal watch. Although it is said officially that this watch can be produced in quantity, it is produced only when orders come in. TAG Heuer Mikropendulum Tourbillon is made of titanium and has 42 hours of power reserve. And it will have good performance and will show you prestige and make you attractive.